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Restoring Normalcy

On September 6 and 7, 2008, Hurricane Ike a Category 4 system with sustained winds of 135 mph (215km/hr) impacted the Turks and Caicos. Declared a disaster area by their government, the Turks and Caicos faced major challenges due to the extent and magnitude of the damage and number of residents affected. While many of the social infrastructures had been restored, there remained a significant challenge for the majority of the population who did not have the resources to rebuild their lives let alone their homes.

The islands were declared a disaster area by their government and the Turks and Caicos faced major challenges due to the extent of the damage. In the initial disaster assessment, CDERA, The Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency stated, “in Grand Turk, 95% of the houses were damaged, one-fifth of which was significant damage. In South Caicos, 95% of the houses were also damaged with over one-third significantly damaged or destroyed. To put things in perspective, it has taken massive hotel chains with the financial resources to rebuild immediately, over two months to re-open. For residents without this capacity however, the road to restoring normalcy is far longer and much steeper.




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