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RMF Pakistan: A separate, local entity implementing Sustainable Clinics and Health Research

In October of 2005, a massive earthquake struck northern Pakistan, causing devastation on an unprecedented scale. Real Medicine Foundation arrived shortly thereafter, participating in immediate relief efforts in the worst hit mountainous regions, with the longer-term mission of setting up a permanent and sustainable clinic to assist the underserved population of this area. RMF Pakistan was then established as a separate, local entity. For eight years, we ran a locally staffed clinic in Talhatta in collaboration with Hashoo Foundation, which has since been handed back to the local government. RMF Pakistan also has had a mobile clinic initiative, additional healthcare projects in Union Council Sardaryab and Union Council Agra District for flood relief (following the 2010 flood) and a Spinal Cord Injury Project in Balakot, among others. More recently, the RMF Health Centre was established in Union Council Taru Jabba, District Nowshera, and we opened our doors in November 2013 to the women and children of the Internally Displaced People (IDP) community hosted in District Nowshera.

RMF has also partnered with the School of Public Health, University of Alberta to identify innovative, contextually specific solutions to the many problems the poor and marginalized, especially women, in Pakistan face. The research project in districts Jhelum and Layyah, funded by Research Advocacy Fund, aims to evaluate if Community Midwives are fulfilling the government objective of improving access to the full scope of skilled maternity care for the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women. The research findings aim to provide empirical evidence for formulation of maternal health policies and health care system practices in Pakistan.




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