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Ensuring Survival

Nigeria has the 4th lowest survival rate of children under five out of 191 countries, a child mortality rate of 140 of 1000, and a maternal mortality rate accounting for 10% of the global burden of maternal deaths.

Real Medicine Foundation has partnered with the Kwara State Ministry of Health, The Nigerian Youth Service Corps and Gure Gwassoro Ward Development Committee to support the long abandoned Gure Model Health Center. Situated near the Nigerian/Benin Republic border, the clinic is the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government area and its surrounding towns. RMF has been funding facility upgrades, providing medicines, medical equipment, and local staff to increase and strengthen its capacity to deliver best practice western medicine and critical maternal child health care services.




  • Healthcare Project, Gure image

    Healthcare Project, Gure

    Gure, Baruteen, Kwara State
    2006 - Present

    Support for the previously abandoned Gure Model Health Center — the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376.

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