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Improving Quality of Life

Between 1994 and 2014, Egypt experienced rapid population growth, making it the most populous country in the Arab world and the third most populous country in Africa. With one third of the population under the age of 15, there are not enough schools and trained teachers to keep up. Likewise, universities have become overcrowded. Egypt is also suffering from a high unemployment rate and a shortage of skilled technical and professional workers, making it more difficult for the business sector to expand. Current healthcare challenges include low rates of antenatal care among less privileged women and an under-five child mortality rate that is twice as high for children born to the poorest women than the wealthiest, high rates of childhood stunting, and the highest rate of hepatitis C in the world.

RMF’s goal is to meet these challenges in Egypt by increasing access to education, vocational training, and health care, while improving the quality of life of the rural poor. Our first initiative supported a young man who worked as a clown for children diagnosed with cancer. His dream is to bring joy to severely ill children in remote areas of Egypt.




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